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Template Text Inserter allows you to insert common template text with ease - no more repetitive typing of the same text over and over!

You simply type the phrase or boilerplate text once, then automagically type them again by clicking the icon or pressing a HotKey that you choose. It works in all desktop applications such as Word and Outlook - and in all websites too.

Benefits of using Template Text Inserter:

  • Increases efficiency by removing repetitive typing.

  • Streamlines your workflow and saves you valuable time.

  • Reduces typing mistakes.

Template Text Inserter has many features to help you insert text fast:

  • Runs in the system tray application for quick access.

  • Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly insert text without using the mouse.

  • Save and load template texts for different scenarios.

  • Choose different icons for each text template.

Template Text Inserter is used by people like you who want to work more effectively when creating textual content. Try the free evaluation download and see how much time you can save today.

Free Download : Order

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