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We provide light and usable desktop applications for Windows.

   Template Text Inserter 2.0

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Insert commonly used template text and boilerplate text with ease - eliminate repetitive typing of the same text over and over - work quicker and more accurately.

  • Increase efficiency by removing repetitive typing.

  • Streamline your workflow and save valuable time.

  • Eliminate typing mistakes.

   Alarm Reminder Lite 2.0

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Never miss another appointment, planned phone call or important date. Free yourself and let your computer worry about remembering alarms!

Alarm Reminder Lite is a fully functional yet lightweight tool that runs in your taskbar. You can choose to set an alarm at a set time in the future, or countdown an alarm in seconds, minutes, hours or days.

   Alarm Reminder eBay Edition 2.0

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Gain that crucial bidding advantage! Bidding near the end of an auction is a good way to ensure you pay the lowest price possible.

So never miss another eBay auction when you "bid late, buy low" - download our application to help manage your bidding strategy.

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